A Modern International Hotel In The Capital City of Ethiopia, with a flavor of Ethiopian Hospitality

Tewodros Belay International Hotel is one of the most flexible hotel In Addis Abeba City as it offers a convenient hotel service as long as you stay.

Whether you are in Addis for pleasure or business, stay at Tewodros Belay International Hotel and make the most of ideal location.

Restaurant & Bar

decorated with soft pleasing colors which create a relaxing atmosphere for our guests to dine


The restaurant hosts a generous Ethiopian Breakfast as well as Lunch and dinner


The Bar opens up 24/7 and serves-up wide range of drinks

The restaurant is just waiting for you.

More than 60 rooms. With free breakfast. Including Gym, steam and sauna bazz.

24 hrs bar service. We even have VIP Bar.

The perfect place for your family and friends to spend.

Our meeting hall is equiped with new technology.

No need to worry at night time. Our receptionist are available 24/7

Our Customers

  • The family and friendly Tewodros Belay International Hotel has the perfect location to suite the needs of both leisure and business travellers.
  • In Tewodros Belay Internatioanl Hotel we use POS Machine to easy the payment system to our customers.

Our Location